COVER REVEAL: A New Release, a Cover Makeover and Some Flattering News From The Joseph Lallo Camp (@jrlallo)

A few days ago, I received and e-mail from Joseph Lallo that made me grin from ear to ear.  He’s in the process of having The Book of Deacon printed as a paperback and needed my permission to include a quote from my review.  I was flattered and speechless!  When I started Pure Textuality, I never in a million years imagined that an author would want to put a quote from MY review on THEIR book.  It just wasn’t a thought.   So, yes I was beyond flattered. Then he sent me the proof and I was speechless all over again.


Is it awesome?!?!?!
Along with this request was some great news! Read on…

Next Monday, Joseph has a new release coming!! Unstable Prototypes, the sequel to the sci-fi adventure Bypass Gemini will be out (as long as all goes as planned) on Monday 2/27/12.

Speaking of Bypass Gemini – guess who got a makeover??? Along with the release of Unstable Prototypes, Bypass Gemini’s brand new cover will be released the same day!!

Be sure to check them out! I will post a reminder when Unstable Prototypes is available with a link to buy it!
Happy Reading!

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