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JENA @ PURE TEXTUALITY [JENA]: Welcome to the 2014 edition of Indies In Their Undies, a month-long interview series with 31 indie authors! Today we are sitting down with Jessica Cage!

[JENA] We have readers all over the world and I am always curious to see where our favorite authors are from. Where do you call base camp?
JESSICA CAGE [JESSICA] I call base camp Chicago! Also known as the windy city!
[JENA] A common trend as of late is cross-genre authors. It has become relatively uncommon to come across an author who only writes in one specific genre. It seems there are a lot of writers who like to dip their toes in all sorts of pools. Which genre or genres do you write?
[JESSICA] I write across a few of the long list of genres varying from Romance, Mystery and Suspense to Sci-fi. But my love is for all things Paranormal.
[JENA] Writers get inspiration from all over the place. Movies, books, music, people in their life, their own life, etc. Who or what is your most common muse?
[JESSICA] Dreams and random images that I experience throughout my days. Nothing like riding the train and looking out the window to see a view that inspires an entire new world. I also pull from all things nature. I wouldn’t say I was a nature girl. Camping is not my thing, but there are some wonderful sights and sounds that can be found only in nature.
[JENA] Are you 100% independently published or do you have traditional contracts as well? If you are 100% indie, would you ever consider a traditional publishing contract? Why or why not?
[JESSICA] I am 100% Indie. I have thought of tradition publishing lately but as for now, I like the process of Indie publications. It is a lot harder to gain recognition and you have to bust your butt to grow within a community that is flooding with new writers. But I do enjoy it and I love the journey I have had so far.
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[JENA] Writer’s block sucks. What do you do to overcome the blank stare when it hits you with everything it has got?
[JESSICA] I walk away and find something else creative to do with my time. Or I will hang out with my family, transform into a ninja or Marvel villain for my son. When the characters stop speaking to me, I feel it’s a sign to get back to reality for a bit.
[JENA] Let’s gab about your books. What fictiony goodness have you already unleashed on the general populous?
[JESSICA] I have a few titles out. The High Arc Series currently stands a three books with a fourth on the way. The paranormal series was the first of my babies and I loved watching it grow. I also have a Mystery & suspense novella that is published entitled Let Me Protect You. I released two books this year so far, one a novella called Last Stop and the other is the first of my Siren’s Series which is titled Siren’s Call. All of my works have a theme of women finding their inner strength when life throws them an unexpected curve ball.
[JENA] What’s next for you and your writing? Any new titles coming out?
[JESSICA] Next I have planned my first ever book that focuses around the world of a man. Malcom is book one of my Alpha’s Series and I am so excited for the release this coming August. With my last couple of releases I stepped outside of my comfort zone as a writer and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of them. I am doing that again with Malcom, and so far I love it!
[JENA] The latest trend with the indie author world is massive book signings and conventions featuring anywhere from 20 authors to 200 authors. What has your experience been at these events? Do you enjoy them? Or do they make you twitch and sweat?
[JESSICA] I have been to a couple and it can go either way. It really just depends on the people who make up the environment. I will say it makes me extremely nervous either way. Each time, while setting up, I can feel the butterflies flowing. It’s like no matter how many people are in the world, someone will see YOU and you will have to find a way to shine and pull in the readers. Great experience for someone who is trying not to continue to be an introvert.
[JENA] Do you have any appearances coming up? If so, tell us when and where (provide links if you have them).
[JESSICA] I have a few local events in Chicago planned. On May 22nd I will be the featured author at the local Whitney Young Library. Meet the Author night is a chance to get to know the readers and to introduce them to you and your work. June 7th I will be at Printers Row with the Chicago Writers Association signing copies of my books. I am so excited about this event! It was a goal of mine to be selling my books this year at the festival and I actually managed to get it done! June 14th I will be C.A.P.S Expo speaking on a panel about the process of writing and the ups and downs that come with that journey. After that I will go on the Indie Mash Up Tour as well as attend the Red Dirt BoCo book signing. Needless to say I am excited for the upcoming months!
[JENA] Now it’s time for some just-for-fun questions! Have you ever Googled yourself? If so, were you surprised or shocked by any of the results?
[JESSICA] Yes I have, and I was completely surprised that when Googled, my name originally linked completely to a comic! Lately it actually pulls up some stuff about me. I take that as a good sign, also I plan to invest in ordering a copy of that comic. It looks hot!
[JENA] What would you do with a million dollars?
[JESSICA] Take some time off work and invest in my writing and my brain child IWrite, IAm. It’s an organization geared towards encouraging youth and artistic developments. I would love a chance to be able to invest in myself and have so much more time to spend with my son. If properly invested, I wouldn’t have to return to work.
[JENA] If you were trapped on a desert island with one CD that you could listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?
[JESSICA] Could it be a mixed CD? Too much music to choose, I would probably create a girl anthem mix with Janelle Monae, Beyonce and Katy Perry!
[JENA] How do you consume – read the book then watch the movie or watch the movie then read the book?
[JESSICA] I think it’s better to watch a movie first, that way it’s not so disappointing. Let’s face it, movies never live up to books, it seems to be completely impossible. But it can’t always happen that way can it?
[JENA] If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?
[JESSICA] Yes, if I could somehow insure that my favorite people lived with me. But at the same time, no… I think after a while it would be too depressing and I would become detached, at that point…well what’s the point?
[JENA] If you were faced with the zombie apocalypse and had to pick five people to be on your survival team, who would you pick?
[JESSICA] My brother, (we have been planning for this and have strategies in place) hadn’t really thought of extra people, the more you have the riskier things are. If I could choose some buff men to protect me, (or to kick down in a serious zombie raid…hey, it’s me or him!) I would have to toss in The Rock, Hugh Jackman, Joe Manganiello, and then I would get Danai Gurira from The Walking Dead because she is BAD ASS…proven!
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[JENA] Imagine the concept of reincarnation is real, who or what would you hope to come back as in your next life?
[JESSICA] A Tiger or a Dolphin, maybe a bird. I wouldn’t want to be human for two lifetimes in a row, can revisit the area in a later life.
[JENA] Thank you for participating in Indies In Their Undies!

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