​NEW RELEASE REVIEW by Lorna: Someone to Watch Over Me by Anne Berkeley (@aberkeleybooks, @Mollykatie112)

91LJUOaOYDL._SL1500_On the run from an abusive relationship, Cooper Hale has gone to great lengths to protect her son. That includes giving up her dreams of a music career for a life of anonymity.
All of her best-laid plans crumble, however, when she meets rock star, Tate Watkins. After giving into her whims and indulging in a one-night stand, she finds cutting him loose isn’t so easy.
Her rash and impulsive decision snowballs into a series of events that sends her life spiraling out of control. Cooper can do little but hang on for the ride, and one wild ride it is.
Danger looms at every turn as her past returns to haunt her. With the man of her dreams and the career she has always wanted within her reach, she’ll need to survive if she’s to seize them.
**This book contains sexual situations, foul language, drugs, alcohol, impulsive decisions, and the frequent use of sarcasm.

My guilty pleasure is rockstar romances, and this book is one of the best from that genre that I have read. As a disclaimer, I will say that I was able to beta read this book, and although I don’t know the author in person, we are friends on GoodReads, and I have beta read for her in the past, a few times.
Cooper is a young single mom who meets Tate at an ice cream shop when he tries to pick her up. She is having none of it, especially when she realizes who he is. Why would she run away from one of the biggest rockstars in the world? A couple of years before, her boyfriend,Grant, beat her up and she ended up in the hospital, and had to leave college. She was pregnant, but never told him. He had been stalking her, so now that she has found a safe place far away from him, she wants nothing to do with the photographers that inevitably follow Tate’s group. She leaves thinking she will never see him again,but since this is a romance, Tate does find her again, of course.
The characters of Cooper and Tate were very well realized by the author. Cooper, due to her motherhood and having to work a couple of jobs to make ends meet, was the more responsible one of the two, however she does have her share of snark. Tate was a fun character and I really enjoyed his witty conversations, especially when he was speaking with Cooper’s two year old, Levy. From nicknaming him Mini-Cooper to talking to him about anything and everything(explaining why Fruit Loops aren’t good for him, as opposed to Cocoa Puffs, etc.), it was just smile inducing. And laugh out loud funny at times. Other members of the group, security for the group, and Cooper’s best friend Em, round out this good cast of characters. To me, the best part of this book was the characters, the dialogue, the humor, and of course the romance-which pretty much shows how much I loved this whole book.
A big part of this book takes place on the road with the band, giving the reader lots of time to get to know each of the band members. Lots of humorous scenes, sarcasm, snark, and band antics take place on the road and really throughout this book. From what I understand from the author, she plans on writing each band members book, and that’s a series I want to read!
In addition, things start happening that take this book into the suspense realm. Adding a mystery to any book, for me, is a definite plus in this, or any book’s, favor.
The only thing readers might have a problem with is the insta-love thing that happens. I hate to even mention it, but some people don’t like that in a book, so it needs to be mentioned. I must say, it didn’t bother me much at all.
I can’t begin to tell you how well written I think this book is. One thing I have learned about this author, is that she is a very talented storyteller. Her dialogue is real, her characters well drawn, and her story lines well thought out and executed, not just in this book, but her others as well. If you enjoy paranormal romances, her book titled, Feral, is one of my favorite werewolf paranormal romances, and a total page turner, as this one was for me too.
I recommend this book to all adult (due to hot sexual scenes and language)romance readers.
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