REVIEW ​by Lorna: In Still Darkness (Immortal Guardians Novella) by Dianne Duvall (@DianneDuvall @Mollykatie112)

in still darknessIn Dianne Duvall’s world of Immortal Guardians, the stakes for mortals are high, but the cost–especially to the heart–might be higher…
It’s not the first time Immortal Guardian Richart d’Alençon has saved a human life from eternal damnation. Usually, he moves on, a nameless savior like a ghost in the night. But this time he can’t seem to forget the woman who rewarded him with a sensuous kiss after he rescued her from a trio of vampires. While Richart knows that loving a human can only bring trouble, the taste of forbidden lust is too great to resist…
Jenna never imagined she’d end up a single mom working overtime to put her son through school. But she might have daydreamed once that a devastatingly gorgeous Frenchman would sweep her off her feet. Now that a package of tall, dark, and handsome seems intent on doing just that, doctors are telling her she may not have long to live. But Richart is telling her just the opposite. All she has to do is abandon her humanity…

Dianne Duvall’s Immortal Guardians is one of my favorite vampire type series, and since I love vampires that’s saying a lot! The reason I call it vampire type, is because in these books, the vampires are infected with a virus and end up going mad, while the Immortal Guardians have the same virus, but are gifted ones with special abilities, and advanced DNA, that keeps them healthy,sane, and of course immortal.
This is Richart d’Alencon’s story and while I was wishing for a much longer story for him, I was glad we finally got his story, and by story I mean, his turn to fall in love. One night while out on patrol searching for vampires, he saves a woman from some vampires. Afterwards, he can’t seem to forget her, but since she was drugged from the vampire bite, she has no idea who he is, nor does she remember being attacked. So he has to find a way to meet her, and of course he does.
The story is also Jenna’s,and she’s a widow, with a son in medical school. She is older(very refreshing), and barely makes ends meet, but she’s a good person and an even better mother. Meeting Richard is the most exciting thing that has happened to her in years. She has no idea what he really is. I liked her character a lot. Her son, John, is a pretty great character as well, and I look forward to seeing him in future books-hopefully?
Since this is a novella, I am not going to tell more of the story, as I don’t want to ruin it for the reader. It was short, but even so, told a good story of Richart’s and Jenna’s romance. I enjoyed the read, but like I said before, I really wanted more. I guess I was wishing for a full size book,but since that isn’t happening, I will just have to be happy that the author has a new book coming out soon titled, Night Unbound, and I have already pre-ordered it!
I should be noted that it is an adult read, and I recommend it to all adult paranormal/urban fantasy fans.
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