REVIEW by Lorna: Guilt Trip by Maggy Farrell ​(@MaggyFarrell,@Mollykatie112)

Guilt TripThe voice on the wind.
The presence in her dreams.
The feelings she can’t control.

Sixteen-year-old Melissa has been diagnosed with Survivor Syndrome, the guilt of having escaped from a car crash in which her mother died.
However, when on holiday in the rugged moorlands of the English countryside, she begins to see and hear things she can’t explain. And so she must ask herself: are these also symptoms of her illness? Or are they signs that her mother is reaching out to her from beyond the grave?

Books are probably my favorite things in the world, aside from the people in my life, and of course my pets. I pretty much read most of the time, so when a book surprises me, that is really different for me. This book certainly surprised me!
Melissa is on vacation with her father, and staying at an old country inn, in a small town in England. She’s sixteen, and recently lost her mother in a car accident, one that Melissa escaped unscathed from. She dreams about the accident nightly, and still sees a therapist. Strange things start happening to Melissa while at the inn. She starts seeing things that aren’t there, and hearing things, that she really shouldn’t. The proprietor of the hotel is Luke, a thirty five year old(or thereabouts) man, that takes an interest in Melissa, and seems to have a connection to her.
Even though Melissa is only sixteen, she is an interesting, and smart character. She loves her father, and is very supportive of his grief for her mother. Her father is one of the main characters, he’s a photographer, and a lover of natural rock formations, and caves. His idea of a great vacation is spending his time visiting anything to do with those type of things. Melissa tags along, but would rather just shop, or do something else fun. Luke is pretty great, interested in her, but the question is, why is he interested in her?
This book has twists and turns, and don’t think for one minute you have it all figured out. it’s very atmospheric, as you would expect in an English countryside, with lots of strange happenings. The mystery is, what is going on in this small town, and at this country inn? Is there a haunting going on, or something else entirely?
Guilt Trip, is this author’s debut novel, and that was surprising to me. It was really well written, and the mystery was actually pretty perfect. I came away from this read impressed with the whole thing. If you enjoy atmospheric mysteries, with supernatural aspects, you might have found your next good read. I recommend it to ages 16 plus. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest, and fair review.
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