REVIEW ​by Lorna: Bulletproof Weeks (When You’re Gone #2) by Taryn Elliott (@TarynElliottFic , @Mollykatie112)

914qJrX6RvL._SL1500_Being a famous rock star for almost two decades means putting his life on display. But for the last two years Logan King has dealt with the uglier side of fame. When his stalker escalates to issuing veiled threats against the first woman he’s allowed in his life, Logan locks down and shuts Izzy out. His stalker isn’t just anyone—she’s as famous as he is with a financial reach that makes her infinitely more treacherous.

Falling for Logan King wasn’t part of Isabella Grace’s plans and their spectacular public breakup didn’t make it easy to move on. Whispers and pitying looks from people in her small town send her fleeing from the first place that finally feels like home. Her solace becomes her travel for work, but the niggling sense that someone is watching her follows her from city to city. When she begins to unravel the secrets that surround the man she still loves, she discovers her personal security detail and demands answers. And they all point to Logan.

Letting him back into her life comes with many more challenges–and rewards–than she could’ve ever dreamed. But loving a man like Logan comes at a dangerous cost. One that has a lasting effect that could echo into all their tomorrows.

Bulletproof Weeks
by Taryn Elliott

When You’re Gone #2

New Adult
Contemporary Romance

Rainbow Rage Publishing

Publication Date:
January 13, 2015

I am always up for a rockstar romance, and when the author sent me a copy of the second installment of this series(in exchange for a fair and honest review), I was more then ready to dive back in. Book one, Anything but Mine, was an enjoyable read, so I was hoping for the same with this one. I wasn’t disappointed.

Isabella(Izzy) is still trying to get over her fling with mega rockstar, Logan King, from the summer before. She’s traveling non-stop for her rare book business, and is rarely home-all to try and keep herself from thinking about Logan. Easier said than done. When she realizes that she is being followed by a security team, she makes it her business to find out why Logan is having her followed. It’s just after Christmas, but Logan hasn’t been in a celebratory mood since Izzy walked away from him. The only reason she left him was because of his ex-girlfriend, Aimee causing problems between them. What she doesn’t know is that Aimee might be Logan’s ex, but she is also a crazy, rich and famous, stalker. Aimee poses a real threat to Isabella, and he wants no harm to come to her. Even though they only had a few days together, each are pretty lost without the other.

As before, I really liked this book. This time around, they already know each other(of course) so the reader doesn’t have the meeting, or the falling in love part-which really is my favorite part of a romance. So I thought it wouldn’t be as good as the first, and I was completely wrong! I found myself enjoying it immensely, and a lot of that was due to the author’s fun dialogue, Izzy’s sass, and the extreme chemistry between the main characters. The book focus’s mainly on the relationship, than on Aimee and her evil schemes. You do, as the reader, keep expecting the other shoe to drop. And of course eventually, it does.

And also, as before, I really didn’t like the ending. If I thought the last one was bad, this one took the cake! I am really not a fan of cliffhangers. However, it worked, and I will definitely be reading the next book, because I HAVE to know what happens.

Due to sexual situations and some violence, I would recommend this read to adult romance readers, especially ones that like hot, bad boy rockers.

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The review copy of this title was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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