July 2018 Instachallenges! One for Readers and One for Writers!

Good afternoon and Happy Thursday!

I cant believe it’s almost July already. Since we’re a few days away from the start of a new month, we thought this would be a good time to launch an Instagram photo challenge. We’ve got one for readers and one for writers. If you’re both, feel free to participate in both! They’ve each been assigned a separate hashtag and the challenge assignments were organized so you don’t have two similar overlapping.

Speak of assignments, below you will find not only the challenge graphics, but also an explanation of the assignment meaning. That way, if there is one you don’t quite understand, you can refer back here to see what the hell I was talking about.

For those not familiar with how an Instagram Photo Challenge works, we’ve created a list of assignments. Each assignment has a set day. You take or post a picture to your Instagram account on the assigned day with the event hashtag (#ReaderLife2018 or #AuthorLife2018) and your caption. Those following the event hashtag can then search the hashtag and your post will show up among the results.

Hope to see you all participate!  See you over on Instagram!  @puretextuality


Additional Hashtag Suggestions
#authorlife #readerlife #bookstagram #photochallenge #amreading #amwriting

What They Mean

  • 1 – Shelfie:  Your book collection.
  • 2 – Favorite Reading Spot:  Where do you like to read?
  • 3 – Well-Loved Reads:  Books you’ve read to tatters.
  • 4 – Favorite Plot Twist:  Which book blindsided you?
  • 5 – Ugly Cry Story:  The book that made you cry like an insane person.
  • 6 – Current Read:  What are you reading now?
  • 7 – Tiny Books: Show your tiny reads (small books; book jewelry; book bobbles)
  • 8 – True Story: Your favorite non-fiction read.
  • 9 – Favorite Series:  What series have you read and reread?
  • 10 – Favorite Author:  Who is your one-click go-to author?
  • 11 – Favorite LOL Story:  What book made you laugh out loud?
  • 12 – Favorite Underdog:  What’s your favorite come-from-behind-win story?
  • 13 – Nostalgia Read:  What book takes you back as soon as you start reading?
  • 14 – Book to Bigscreen:  Your favorite book that’s been made into a TV show or movie.
  • 15 – Favorite Quote:  One line from a book that really stuck with you.
  • 16 – Favorite Romance:  Your favorite love story or fictional couple.
  • 17 – Favorite Fantasy:  What’s your favorite fantasy read?
  • 18 – Favorite Mystery:  Your favorite mystery novel?
  • 19 – Coming Release:  What book are you most anticipating?
  • 20 – Your TBR Pile:  Show us your To Be Read pile!
  • 21 – Favorite Book Title:  What title has stuck with you?
  • 22 – Favorite Genre:  What’s your go-to genre to read?
  • 23 – Reading Snacks:  Your must-have muchies when you’re reading.
  • 24 – Favorite Standalone:  Favorite book not part of a series.
  • 25 – Favorite Audio Books:  Your favorite audio read.
  • 26 – Magical Moment:  Your favorite scene that has stuck with you.
  • 27 – Most Emo Death:  What death did you read that hit you the hardest.
  • 28 – Favorite Cover:  Show us your favorite book cover.
  • 29 – Girl Power Read:  Your favorite female hero.
  • 30 – Autographs:  Got any signed books? Show us! If not, tell us who you want a signed book from.
  • 31 – Classic Reads:  Your favorites from the classics.


Additional Hashtag Suggestions
#authorlife #readerlife #bookstagram #photochallenge #amreading #amwriting

What They Mean

  • 1 – Your Books:  Show us your bookshelf of currently available titles.
  • 2 – Writer Selfie:  Smile for the camera!
  • 3 – Writing Cave:  Show us where the magic happens!
  • 4 – Research Mode:  Your go-to places or resources.
  • 5 – WIP Quote:  A quote from your current work in progress.
  • 6 – Soundtrack:  Music you write to or a song that reminds you of your story.
  • 7 – Milestone:  A milestone moment in your writing career.
  • 8 – Favorite of Your Covers:  Which one is your favorite?
  • 9 – Swag:  Show us the merch for your books.
  • 10 – Writer Tribe:  Who are your writer buddies?
  • 11 – Your Muse:  Show us your writing inspiration.
  • 12 – Dedications:  Show us one of your dedication pages.
  • 13 – Your Mentor:  Who is someone you’d consider an influencer or shaper of your writing career?
  • 14 – Your Autograph:  Show us your autograph.
  • 15 – Author Event:  Show us an event photo or an event you want to be in one day.
  • 16 – Your Hero:  Who is your hero? A writer you look up to as the shining example of what you want to be as a writer.
  • 17 – Inner Circle:  Who is your inner circle? Writers and non-writers alike.
  • 18 – #WriterGoals:  Tell us a bucket list item for your writing career.
  • 19 – Message to Readers:  A message just for your readers.
  • 20 – #AmWriting:  Tell us what writing means to you.
  • 21 – Your Team:  Who is your publishing team? Cover designer, editor, proofreader, betas, etc.
  • 22 – WIP Cover:  Show us your current WIP cover. If you dont have a cover (or dont want to reveal it), tell us a little about the project.
  • 23 – Your Genre:  What’s the genre you write in most?
  • 24 – Your Favorite Character:  Our of all your stories, who was your favorite character to write?
  • 25 – Must-Have Tools:  What tools do you use for writing?
  • 26 – Panster / Plotter:  Do you write by the seat of your pants or plot first?
  • 27 – Writing Rituals:  What do you need to do or have to feel prepared when you sit down to write?
  • 28 – Writer Fuel:  Habitual chip muncher? Coffee addict? What physically fuels your stories?
  • 29 – Writer Advice:  Give us a piece of advice for fellow writers.
  • 30 – Good Juju:  Post something nice for a fellow writer like a book promo or follow shout out.
  • 31 – What Comes Next:  After the project you’re currently working on, what project are you jumping to next?

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  1. Great way to get the information out, wonderful idea. Am definitely going to join in.

    1. Cant wait to see your posts! 🙂

  2. This sounds like fun. I’m thinking about participating. I’ve shared on my Fb and Twitter accounts.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

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