AUTHORS! ANNOUNCEMENT! Auction Donation Form Now Open for Joe Adams, Cover Model Involved in Motorcycle Accident


This past weekend, I, along with many others, got the chance to spend some time with Joe Adams. Some of us had met him before, others were newly introduced…all, however, found him to be an incredible person, one we are proud to know. On Thursday, October 18th, just days after we laughed and joked with Joe, he was in a terrible motorcycle accident which has left him with several injuries and undergoing multiple surgeries.

The beauty of the INDIE community is that we rally together when one of our own is in need. I ask you to do the same for Joe. To keep him in your prayers and rally around him and his family in this very trying time.

Myself, along with the Hildreth’s will be organizing an Online Auction to benefit Joe Adams and his family. All donations received will be auctioned Online and The proceeds will go to Joe’s family. The auction will take place on October 23rd and run until the 26th.

Please join this this event:

If you are interested in donating please fill out the form below and email a photo of your donation to Jess at,

Click Here to Make an Item Donation

Once the auction is over and the funds have cleared, you will be notified of the winner and asked to send their prize.

Thank you for supporting one of our own.

Janine Infante Bosco

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