Authors! 📘 Premade Book Cover Clearance Special & an Announcement (Sort of…)!

Good morning, writers!

A while back, we announced that we were offering premade covers through a section of the PTPR website called Dark Mojo Designs. Unfortunately, I simply don’t have the time to compose and upload new designs every week. As a result, I reached out to a cover designer I know and trust and offered up the opportunity to partner with her. She agreed and Pure Textuality PR will soon be hosting an exclusive selection of premade covers by her. Once she and I work out the details of when to go public, I will get more details to you.

Until then, I’ve decided to do a little promotion of sorts to get the old designs cleared out.

For any Dark Mojo Designs premade covers sold until further notice, I will include a cover reveal promotion and a one week blog tour upon release for each cover (this means you get three of each for sets purchased).

Below are all of the designs we currently have available (click on the image for more info and additional views of the design). I’m in the process of exporting files for a few more I hadn’t released yet and those will be added to the website throughout this week. 🙂

PLEASE NOTE:  Regarding premade book cover sets,
the buyer may purchase one single cover
or all three as a set.


Single Ebook $60
(+1 FREE Cover Reveal & 1 FREE Blog Tour)

Single Ebook & Full Wrap $110
(+1 FREE Cover Reveal & 1 FREE Blog Tour)

Ebook Set $160
(+3 FREE Cover Reveals & 3 FREE Blog Tours)

Ebook & Full Wrap Set $300
(+3 FREE Cover Reveals & 3 FREE Blog Tours)


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