Authors! Check out the WORDSY WARRIOR Day Planner!

Good afternoon, writers!

Yesterday I set out with the goal of creating a day planner for myself to help keep my writing on track. After searching all over the place, I found a great company that lets you design your own planner and decided to make my design available to you guys for purchase.

The Wordsy Warrior planner is designed specifically to help increase creativity and productivity with style!

(Pictured: EcoLeather Hardcover)

Beginning with an empty Agendio spiral binding (available in EcoLeather hardcover or soft but durable vinyl covers), Pure Textuality PR went through page-by-page and designed a planner specifically geared toward writers of today. Focusing not only on writing productivity but also on the creative process, the Wordsy Warrior writer’s planner offers you a stylish 8.5″x11″ tool to get your writing career on track and keep it that way.

The Wordsy Warrior’s 154 pages are broken down into seven tabbed sections, each with their own custom designed pages to make your writing life easier.

    • A Place to Keep Your Publishing Platform Passwords
    • Blank To-Do Lists
  • WORDs
    • 52 Weeks of Daily Word Count Tracking
    • A Place to Document Story Ideas & Titles
    • Blank Story Notes Pages
  • VOICEs
    • A Place to List Female Character Names
    • A Place to List Male Character Names
    • Blank Character Profiles
  • NLs
    • Sent Newsletter Tracking
    • Blank Newsletter Planning Templates
    • Blank Newsletter Brainstorming Templates
  • SoMe
    • 18 Months of Social Media Audience Growth Tracking
    • A Place to Keep Your Social Media Platform Passwords
    • 18 Months of Social Media Posting Tracking
    • Blank Research Notes Pages

We’ve got 7 different styles of cover with tons of color and pattern options. Click on a cover style below to see the options.

SHIPPING: As these are custom-made planners, shipping takes 2-4 weeks from the date of your order. Please plan your purchase accordingly. SHIPPING IS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!



EcoLeather Hardcover – Click to See Color Options


Starburst Designs – Click to See Color Options


Fun Designs – Click to See Pattern Options


Floral Designs – Click to See Pattern & Color Options


Cracked Designs – Click to See Color Options


Grooved Designs – Click to See Color Options


Water-Streaked Designs – Click to See Color Options



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