99¢ SciFi Read Alert! THE K5 PROTOCOL by Andria Stone

When Marshal Flint Maddox stumbles upon the gruesome sight of his best friend murdered in a cornfield, it triggers the K5 PROTOCOL, a dangerous and long dormant neural implant. He comes fact-to-face with the brutal past he left years ago and the memory of monsters who tried to kill him. Unable to catch the aliens before they leave the planet with his friend’s daughter, he deputizes a posse of four androids and steals a ship.

Maddox and his unlikely crew embark on a desperate galactic hunt filled with treacherous wormholes, feminine betrayal, and aliens who consider humans an expendable race. Driven to find the girl, Maddox extracts a dying alien’s confession that reveals an underlying plot of horrific proportions—that if the details become known—will rock the galaxy.

From a once great Earth to the utopian world of Anterra to the ice planet of Deggres 9 to the strange Outer Rim Territories, you will ride along with Galactic Marshal Maddox and his crew. But buckle up—because you’re in for a thrilling, heart-pounding, nail-biting, but well worth waiting for…Ending!

ANDRIA STONE, is a multi-genre author, and has just released a gripping new Science Fiction TechnoThriller, The K5 PROTOCOL. Her previous series, The EDGE Trilogy, is available across various platforms. From California’s earthquake-prone terrain to Florida’s hurricane zones, she’s lived in diverse regions. Andria’s unquenchable wanderlust has carried her across four continents and a dozen countries, allowing her to explore countless museums and art galleries, each of which has left an indelible mark on her creative spirit. With a BA in Liberal Arts from UCLA, Andria now creates Science Fiction stories with a captivating blend of suspense, mystery, and relatable characters. Embark on thrilling journeys through the cosmos with her, where you’ll find your emotions tugged and your heart rooting for her imperfect yet endearing characters.

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    Terrific Graphics! XOXO Great Job–Thanks, Andria

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