*Note To Authors:  Always ask for references when seeking out a service provider.  Listings are not vetted.

Modern Elektra Editing – Editing by Jenn Watermann

1604531_10203137251701872_1893158764_nI take pride in my work. I have a very keen eye for detail, catching things that have often been missed by others. Editing, for me, is part of who I am; it’s second nature.

That second nature and my love of words are what make me stand out; they’re necessary when it comes to the details, and discovering discrepancies and errors. I do not believe in altering the author’s voice or style – it’s their work, not mine – though I check grammar, consistency of characters, and aspects of the plot (misdirection, the reveal of information, continuity). I may suggest a small rewrite or make a notes, but it’s not my book and therefore I try to leave my narrative style out of it as much as possible.

I assess each manuscript for its individual demands. If there’s writing to be done to match style, I can do that. Changing the author’s voice is not something I believe in and I work hard not to do so. If I think something needs to be rewritten and I can’t provide an example, I will comment on what I think is needed and have the author do the rewrite.

To go in and change the style, tone, and voice is not my job, and I only will do so if specifically asked.

Jenn’s Pricing:  Proofreading/Basic Copy Edit – $1.50/page  |  Extensive Copy Edit – $1.85/page  |  Substantive/Line/Developmental Edit – $2.25/page

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Raven Communications – Beth Dolgner

BethBeth Dolgner is an author, editor and writer. Over the past decade, Beth has written everything from motorcycle reviews to ghost stories through her work in journalism, public relations and marketing. Beth is also the author of Georgia Spirits and Specters, a collection of Georgia ghost stories; Everyday Voodoo; and the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter paranormal romance series.

Beth has worked with the world’s top sports car racing series and teams, and she is closely involved in the motorcycle industry. In addition, Beth has collaborated with many local companies, including real estate agencies, restaurants and media outlets.

Beth’s Pricing:  $13.00/1,000 words.

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Ink It Out Editing – Chelly Peeler

ChellyHi, guys! To quote an author friend of mine, I’m Chelly Peeler, I am awesome and I have a love for reading anything from a cereal box to a BDSM how-to guide. I’m also a grammar nazi, book nerd, pop culture geek and editor extraordinaire! I have a deep love for the written word and an eye for spotting errors. I’ve had an infatuation with reading for as long as I can remember and was introduced to the Indie Author world a couple of years ago, and I have loved being a part of it ever since! I have gotten the opportunity to meet and work with so many great authors in that time and I’m very thankful for the trust they put in me. Authors truly are my rock stars and I know the amount of hard work, blood, sweat and tears that go into writing a book. I would love nothing more than to help you rock it out and make it shine!

Chelly’s Pricing:  $0.005/Word (Copy Editing) $0.001/Word (Re-Edits), and $0.001/Word (Final Proofing)

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Inspired Ink Editing – Tammy Salyer

Tammy SalyerI am a full-time publishing professional and member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), with expertise in writing and rewriting, substantive/content editing, copyediting, manuscript critique, and proofreading. A couple of my more well-known clients include Matthew Mather, author of the science fiction best-sellers The Complete Atopia Chronicles and Cyberstorm, and Joseph Lallo, author of the best-selling Book of Deacon fantasy series and other science fiction works. I have also contracted extensively with GirlFriday Productions and a plethora of other independent novelists with projects ranging from science fiction, to fantasy, to genre-bending literature.

Additionally, I am a fiction writer with several published science fiction novels and a short story collection.

Tammy’s Pricing:  $2.00/Page (Proofreading), $3.25/Page (Copy Editing), and $2.00/Page (Spot Check), $3.50/Page (Content Editing), $2.00/Page (Beta Read),

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Book & Blog Services – Editing by Rainy Kaye

chellyRainy Kaye is an aspiring overlord. In the mean time, she blogs here at RainyoftheDark, edits for amazing authors, and writes paranormal novels all from her lair somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona. Her published works include the SUMMONED series, and the short story BE FEARLESS.

She is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA. Someone told her she’s a USA Today Bestselling author. She thought there would be cake.

Rainy’s editing comes with a marketing perk package for your book once it’s published.

Rainy’s Pricing:  $0.007/Word

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Nicole Zoltack

nicole-zoltack-logoIf you’re in the market for an editor, I hope you’ll consider me. I’ve been working as a freelance editor and a proofreader for various small presses for years and have worked with authors on over one hundred novels. I love editing, and my favorite part is helping an author to make their story shine even more than it already does.

Nicole’s Pricing:  Proofreading – $3.00 per 1K  |  Critiquing – $5.00 per 1K  |  Editing – Is not a flat fee. Send me a sample of your writing (5-10 double space pages.) I will edit the pages for free, and based on this sample, I will determine the price of a complete edit. More polished stories will require less time for me to edit, and the price of my edit will take that into account.

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Proof Before You Publish – Editing by Nicole Bailey

pbypI have a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Relations from the University of Florida. After graduation I spent five years as an editor for a news wire service before becoming a stay at home mom. Each day I was responsible for editing and proofreading articles that would cross the wire to reach hundreds of newsrooms around the country and the world. We followed the AP Style of Writing, but I’m also familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style. Due to the pace of our newsroom, I learned how to edit copy quickly and accurately.

Now that I’m a stay at home mom, I find myself with time to read and a desire to do something I love, while still taking care of my kids. I decided to combine the two by offering my services as an editor for hire. Luckily, I have been able to keep my skills sharp by editing a tech blog and copy editing websites for a local webmaster.

I can offer you quick and accurate turn around.  Since I have no overhead costs, my rates are far below the market average.  Let me use my wide ranging knowledge of idiomatic phrases, word usages, and spelling to help you polish your written works.

Nicole’s Pricing: Proofreading – $0.005/word  |  Copyediting – $0.009/word

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Critter Copywriting – Editing by Erynn

13062010_554307784731454_4295153127417833211_nAbout me: Erynn is an established blogger at LadyErynn’s Honest Reviews who hopes to use her writing skills for the good of others. She has edited and proofread several novels from all over the world and strives to learn something new about the process every day. In addition to her proofreading, Erynn also specializes in the creation of book blurbs and Facebook ads through her business, Critter Copywriting. She loves reading books of every genre, drinking large quantities of tea and coffee, and occasionally creating poems on Twitter. But, most of all, she loves helping out the Indie Author Community.
Past Clients: Brandon D. Henry  |  John Nicholl  |  L.A. Richards  |  R.W. Preston  |  Schylor Chadwick
Erynn’s Pricing: $1.00/page

Finishing Touch Editing – Editing by Lia Fairchild

liafairchildfteI’m an author, freelance writer, and editor. I have a BA in Journalism and a multiple subject teaching credential. I have ten years of experience working for a PR agency doing placements, training, editing, proofing, and graphic design.

Currently, I’m a contracted editor/proofer for Waterhouse Press, Formatting Fairies (Marie Force’s company), and Raindrop Marketing. For Waterhouse, I’ve edited for bestselling authors Audrey Carlan and Helen Hardt. I do proofing for individual authors, as well.

I’m also a bestselling author who writes women’s fiction and romance.

Lia’s Pricing:  Final Proof* – $.002/word  |  Copy Edit – $.005/word

*Final Proof jobs must have been seen by copy editor first. If after initial review it’s deemed the book needs a copy editor, I will return or ask if you’d like me to do it.

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Editing Maven – Editing by Nadine Winningham

girls-weekend-girls-weekend-0265Nadine Winningham is a freelance editor. She’s a lover of books, a connoisseur of the written word, and thus enjoys adding that extra polish to make your manuscript shine. She has edited and beta read for Amazon and New York Times bestselling authors, some of which have lovingly referred to her as Eagle Eye. Honesty and constructive criticism are very important to her. Nadine’s absolute goal is to make you, the author, look good.
Past Clients: Lexi Buchanan  |  Lucia Franco  |  Chelsea O’Neal  |  Tmonique Stephens  |  Monica DeSimone
Nadine’s Pricing: Proofreading/Copy Edit – $0.003/word  |  Full Edit – $0.0075/word  |  Book Blurb – $25.00

Deelylah Mullin Wordsmith – Editing by Deelylah Mullin

vampbardstandardDeelylah Mullin offers professional and thorough editing services for authors seeking to provide their audience with the best possible reading experience. She is currently accepting manuscript inquiries in most genres. Who are we kidding? Deelylah is here to make the editing process as painless as possible. Editing professionally since 2012, she’s got a book or two under her belt.

With twenty-four years experience in the classroom, two of which were at the collegiate level, she is able to leap verb tense agreement in a single bound. Use track changes like a pro, and ensure that elements are consistent throughout a story. Since retirement, Deelylah has been seeking the elusive Spare Time Fairy–even though she thought that little wench would be around a lot more.

Past Clients: Maddie James  |  Jenny Trout w/a Abigail Barnette  |  Avery Duran  |  Morgan Malone  |  Candace Blackburn
Deelylah’s Pricing:   Developmental Editing – $0.008/word, one pass (2nd pass is offered for $0.004/word)  |  Copyediting – $0.006/word, one pass  |  Proofreading: $0.004/word, one pass  |  Plot Critique – $0.003/word, one pass

Judy’s Proofreading – Judy Zweifel

judys-proofreadingI am an army wife, and mother of one, born and raised in Naples, Italy. I speak, read, write, and eat fluent Italian.  Yes, I can have an entire conversation with just my hands. No words needed!  The loves of my life, besides my family, are traveling, eating amazing food, and great novels.  I am an avid reader of romance, book blogger, and lover of all things grammatical. (I have a twitchy highlighting finger!) I am lucky to have been a beta and proofreader for some pretty amazing authors who have told me I have a keen eye and a knack for finding mistakes.  I work with books of all genres and look forward to meeting and working with new authors!

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