I thought I could do it.

That I could turn Rebus away from the dark destiny awaiting him.

But it turns out—I was wrong.

And in the aftermath of his betrayal, I’m more confused than ever if there is any way for us to go back.

Now the stakes are even higher, and the only way to make sure that the ancient one doesn’t succeed in his quest to conquer our worlds, is to put the creature down once and for all.

Even if that means doing it on my own.

But I still can’t turn away from my desire to save Rebus’s tortured soul, and I’ll do anything I can to stop this curse from destroying him.

But if I’m not careful—I may just end up being the one who loses myself.

Rejected is the Ninth book in the New Epic Vampire Romance Saga, Marked by Night from Author Sara Thorn.

This new chapter focuses on a new heroine & hero, Elora and Rebus. Many of your favorite characters return in this next installment; perfect for fans of Stephanie Meyer, Bella Forrest, Cassandra Clare, and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

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