A Haunting of Revenge

Did you hear that? The creak in the stairs?
Is it the escaped convict? Or is it a ghost?

Snuggle in for these frightful tales from your favorite cozy mystery authors!
Can these sleuths over come their fears, and solve the case?

A Caterer’s Guide to Halloween and Havoc by Jessica Thompson
When she is dragged to a Halloween party at a spooky house for the epic food, Violet never thought that mystery and havoc would haunt the party. When two people are poisoned, will Violet find the creep before the police make a terrifying mistake?

Friday Night Frights by Brittany E. Brinegar
Samantha Brown is a high school reporter with a nose for the truth. When she’s sent to Goodnight, Texas to cover a haunted stadium on Halloween night she expects to debunk the myth. But when a football player vanishes from the field all signs point to the ghost.

Can Samantha find the culprit before the scoreboard hits zero? Or will the ghostly twelfth man secure a spooktacular victory?

Azure and the Case in Haunted, Texas by Verena DeLuca
Dragons are talented, resourceful, and irresistible.
Humans and Supernaturals need my talents more than they will admit.

Discover my latest adventure in lending a talon to a necromancer.
All while keeping my Hailey in the dark that other magical fun exists.

A Fright to Remember by Casey Jones
It’s Halloween! Margot Parish is visiting her first Haunted House… and it’s going to be her last. Her fun, spooky night takes a grisly turn when the host is found dead! It’ll take more than tasty cupcakes to get to the bottom of this one!

A killer hides in the smoky halls of Hader’s House of Horrors! No two rooms are alike, and the place is packed with suspects… and motives for murder. The last thing Margot wants is another mystery to solve, but with the doors locked and the killer loose, she doesn’t have any choice!

Hellbenders and Haunted Mills by Rune Stroud
Beast witch, Autumn, heads out to investigate a supposedly haunted old mill with her cousin, Ivy. When they get there, however, they’re met not by a ghost, but by a fugitive holding a gun.

Can Autumn and Ivy stay alive long enough for Ivy’s deputy brother to rescue them? Or will they have to rescue themselves?

Graveyard Shift by Kathryn Mykel
Farmer PF Kin pours pride and joy into his work–a pumpkin farm so fruitful that it spills into the neighboring property, and he will stop at nothing to purchase the land before his dreams of sweeping the county fair are squashed.

Will PF solve the mystery before it’s too late, or will his gourds be gored?

Rougarous and Babysitters by Jann Franklin
Mel’s mother sabotages her Saturday night by hiring her out as a babysitter. Mel is less than pleased, but rallies to beat the clock and protect the household from a monster. Is the creature really a dark family secret, or an act of revenge?

Potions and Pocketknives by Patty Joy
Kelly Green’s sleuthing skills are put to the test as a killer strikes at friends and coworkers in Eagle Point State Park, leaving festively gruesome displays in their wake. Why would anyone target the park rangers?

Can she find whodunit before she loses her new love?

Enjoy Kelly Green’s newest adventure, with colorful characters and memorable murders, that will have you at the edge of your camp chair.

Granny’s Halloween Tricks by Kate Darroch
At Halloween, Màiri Maguire's recently deceased and much beloved Granny comes back to haunt her through a mirror. Granny is playing Tricks on Màiri. Are Granny's Tricks well intentioned? Can Màiri solve the Puzzle Granny has set her, with the clock fast ticking down to disaster? Or will this Halloween be a tragic day for Màiri, Lianna, and Lianna’s brother Andy?

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