A Light in the Darkness

Book Cover: A Light in the Darkness
Part of the Faith series:

Holly Jacobs can run from her mother's past no longer when she is unceremoniously summoned to her mother's new fiance's home in Napa Valley. The place is wonderful, but Holly can't enjoy it because she knows that just like all the others, it can't last. When her mother begins pushing Holly to make permanent plans with a young man Holly has no interest in, Holly takes off, never expecting to find a light in all of her darkness.

Gabriel Cabrales knows what he wants out of life. The problem is, life is just not cooperating with his plans. Every time he thinks he knows where things are going, they jerk out from under his control—especially when he meets his boss’s new daughter. Can Gabriel learn to be God’s light in the storm of darkness swirling around her, or will the storms take both of them down forever?

The final chapter of the Faith Series begins...

A new adult contemporary Christian romance, A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS will leave you amazed at the awesome power of God. While Gabriel confronts the demons surrounding Holly, you will begin to understand the true power and real peace that God desires for each of us if we can only learn to rest and rely solely on Him. This is Christian romance at its finest, blending the trials of new adults in college with the hope and power found in Jesus Christ. This romance will easily find its way into your most inspirational books collection.




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