A Little Piece of Heaven

Book Cover: A Little Piece of Heaven
Part of the Faith series:

Jeremy Stratton thought he had it all figured out—great apartment, live-in fiancée, soon-to-be degree, and favored son status in a well-heeled family. But when it all came crashing down, he nearly drove his friends away as well. Starting over now, his life is about to change in ways he never could have foreseen and would never have chosen on his own. Can Jeremy find “A Little Piece of Heaven” he never even knew existed?

Emily Vasquez has found one thing to hold onto in the swirls of life—God, and she has no desire to let Him go in pursuit of some guy. But when Jeremy keeps coming around despite his on-again, off-again aversion to all things Christian, Emily finds it’s not so easy to shut her feelings off as she thought it would be. Even worse, falling for him would mean never getting the chance to set things right back home. Choices, mistakes and consequences battle it out as the two of them search for A Little Piece of Heaven.

A New Adult Contemporary Christian Romance Novel, A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN, asks the question what if everything you’ve learned in life turns out to mean something you never expected? These two friends must battle old demons, new life issues, and each other to realize that love can be found in some very unexpected places. Set in a college, A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN picks up where the new adult romance A WORK IN PROGRESS left off, taking you through twists and turns in a heart-stopping ride that ultimately leads right where these two were always meant to be.

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