Alien Savior

This Royal Soldier is expected to tame Earth women to be brides-not to fall in love with one...

Through all the death and chaos in my life, cruelty has never been a skill I mastered. But as a Royal Raider Sargent, I know my role.

When darkness fell, I showed mercy to those who needed it most; the women who’s sacrifice saved countless lives.

I thought I’d accepted my purpose, but that all changed when I met her.

Sophia Cartright. A rebellious, beautiful Earth woman with far too much pride to survive the savagery surrounding her.

But before I could make her mine…she was taken from me. I thought I’d never see her again. That I’d never get a second chance to touch the woman who taunted me in my dreams.

But I was wrong…

ALIEN SAVIOR, a FREE novella in The Royal Bride Raids series by scifi alien romance author Aurora Storm. Due to steamy, on-the-page heat, this series is intended for 18+ readers only.

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