Alien’s Innocent Bride

An alien king bound by duty and the innocent woman he must protect… even from himself.

I’m not a good king. Because good kings don’t exist. I learned long ago that goodness was merely an illusion maintained by the dark and deceitful secrets of the powerful. And those powerful people…are my family.

I’ve always done as they’ve asked without question. So when I’m tasked with choosing a bride through the Bride Raids, I don’t argue. The lovely Earth beauty, Emma, is like no one I have ever known. She is gentle, kind, and far too good for me. But it quickly becomes clear that my innocent bride is nothing more than a mere pawn in the chess game between myself and the Queen Mother.

But as dark truths come to light, I’m faced with a decision. Let Emma suffer for my family’s dark secrets...or protect my family’s honor and freedom.

ALIEN'S INNOCENT BRIDE, the fourth novel in The Royal Bride Raids series by scifi alien romance author Aurora Storm. Due to steamy, on-the-page heat, this series is intended for 18+ readers only.

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