And the Greatest of These is Love

Book Cover: And the Greatest of These is Love

Gabriella Treyvillion has seen her share of heartache. In fact, she is living in the middle of a whole heap of it at the moment. Torn between her love of children and all things “dreams” and a reality that is threatening to erase all of it, she is determined not to let reality win. However, reality may be too strong for love to have any chance of overcoming it.

Andrew Clark is at the top of his game as the city’s top political reporter. About to break the story that will surely propel his career and life to the next level, he is sent on a throw-away assignment to a youth center in the middle of the city’s toughest neighborhood. Although his plan is to visit, do the story, and leave as fast as possible, plans have a way of changing, and sometimes your whole life can change with them.

“And the Greatest of These is Love” gives a testament to the power of the word we take for granted so often: Love. When the Bible says that “God is love” and “love never fails” what do those truly mean against reality and real life? Inspirational and #1 Best Selling Christian author Staci Stallings explores the trials that love can face and how it can even overcome even dire hopelessness if we believe in its trust and hope, and its power to endure.

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