Beachy Black Magic

Book Cover: Beachy Black Magic
Part of the Charmed in Carmel series:

What’s worse than having your new start ruined by your sort-of-boyfriends’ mom?

Discovering that she’s also a powerful witch on a revenge mission.

And thanks to Lydia, I finally understood the true meaning of employee hell.

With Stone and Kai magically entranced, it’s up to me to figure a way out of this mess.

But just as I solve one problem, another, much bigger one arises.

Now, I’m forced to turn the last person I ever expected to—and make a deal.

A deal that will no doubt have unpredictable consequences.

Because this person wants my Grimoire, and the only way to save this new life I’ve built... is to give it to them.

Beachy Black Magic is the second book in a New Midlife Women’s Paranormal Fiction Series: Charmed in Carmel from author Rosalie Hunter. Rosalie loves celebrating women of all ages, but especially those a bit more seasoned in life!

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