Bear’s Forbidden Mate

Book Cover: Bear's Forbidden Mate
Part of the Mafia Shifters series:

Living in Texas has always felt like home to me. Working for a mafia of powerful, shapeshifting bears has always been enough. That was before I met Autumn.

Now she's my life. My world. My everything.

Except, the rules of the mafia are strict, and I can't be with her if I want to keep living. I may be a shifter myself, and I may be as strong as any of them, but that won't matter while they run the mafia and I'm just the enforcer. I'll try to live by their rules, until they threaten Autumn's life. After that...

Well, after that they're going to learn what a guy like me will do for love.

Bear’s Forbidden Mate is the second story in The brand new Mafia Shifters Series from author Aurora Storm.

This is a High Heat Shifter Mates Mafia Romance for readers 18+.

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