Bound by Dragons

How do you decide an entire kingdoms future…when you don’t even know your own past?

Five incredibly hot men, ready and willing to protect and please you?

It sounds like every girl’s wet dream, but it’s this ex-waitress’s reality. I keep expecting to wake up at some point, hot, sweaty, alone—and still covered in grease stains. But instead, here I am, sleeping on silk sheets softer than a cloud, and surrounded by far too many shirtless men.

I thought my greatest hurdle would be finally accepting my role as a reincarnated dragon queen, but that suddenly seems the least of my problems.

My Paragon warriors are at war with each other and I’m not sure how to unite them…or if I even should.

And as I’m busy training and learning the rules of my new world, memories of the former Queens assail me, adding more questions than answers.

Just when I finally think I have things figured out, a betrayal I never anticipated throws everything into chaos—including the fragile brotherhood of my dragon warriors.

And as I make plans to protect my new home—my enemies are busy weaving plans of their own …

Bound by Dragons is the second book in The Bayou Queen’s Curse Series from Author VS Winters. A Dragon Shifter Reverse Harem Romance for readers 18+.

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