Brutal Beast

Book Cover: Brutal Beast
Part of the Alpha Scorned series:

The Alpha of our pack hates me.

And it wouldn’t be a big problem—if he wasn’t also my mate.

Years have passed since our ceremony, and Ansel still barely looks at me.

I’m embarrassed. Ashamed. Humiliated. And I feel like an outsider within my own pack.

But when war comes to our front door, I’m thrust into the midst of legends, lore, and the possibility that I am the prophesized, celestial wolf.

And now, there’s a rival alpha after me who will stop at nothing to have me and the power I possess.

But all this chaos might finally allow me to discover the true reason Ansel hates me, and why giving in to our fated union might be the biggest mistake of them all…

BRUTAL BEAST, the first novel in the Alpha Scorned trilogy by paranormal romance author Linsey Moon. This is a high heat, enemies-to-lovers romance featuring a rejected mate storyline.

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