It isn't every day an Earth woman is chosen to be a mail-order bride for a brooding hero of an extraterrestrial race.

After losing her husband, Sadie knows no one will replace him in her heart. But on a dare, she joins the Extraterrestrial Matchmaking Service, where she's paired with Bryk, a seven feet tall, scaled alien from a distant world. One touch, and a gleaming symbol appears on her palm. Bryk tells her it's a matebond and this means she's his. He may make her pulse sing, but she'll never submit.

When Bryk applies for the Selection, he's matched with Sadie. At their first meet-up, his matebond ignites and now he'll do anything to keep her. But Sadie insists she'll return to Earth on the next shuttle. Refusing to admit defeat, Bryk talks her into giving him five days to convince her to stay. Bryk's is determined pull out every Crakairian trick to win her heart, even ancient Crakairian mating rituals.

Can a mourning human woman find new love with an alien on a planet far from Earth?

BRYK, the second book in the Mail Order Brides of Crakair series by bestselling alien romance author Ava Ross. 

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