Captured By a Dragon

Book Cover: Captured By a Dragon
Part of the Dragon Mated series:

So, I fell into his lap. Sue me. 
It doesn’t mean I’m his to claim. 
But when temptation spirals out of control,
the only cure is to give into the 
call of a dragon. 

Jenny: If my two best friends hadn't dared me to go spelunking, I wouldn't have drunk too much celebratory champagne and fallen into a mysterious, dark tunnel in the back of a cave. In seconds, I'm sliding down, down, down. I shoot out of the tunnel, launch through a waterfall, and land in the lap of a gorgeous, muscular, naked guy. I'm falling for him fast, but there are a few weird things about him. He talks old-fashioned. He calls me a surface dweller. And he insists I'm his destined mate. A dragon's destined mate.

Drek: Women are nearly extinct in my world, so when life grants a dragon shifter a mate, he hunts her down and claims her. Jenny lands in my lap, and I know it's fate. Now, I just have to convince her-no show her-that we're destined to be together. If she's determined to leave, I won't hold her back, but I plan to do everything in my power to persuade her to stay...

Three fierce dragon shifter princes meet three feisty, curvy best friends who are fated to mate with dragons.




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