Carson’s Night


Tally Grey is one of the most powerful demon hunters of this age. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Carson Connors was the only survivor of the attack that killed her father. He just can’t remember the battle.

When they meet, the passion that rages overwhelms them both.

Vampire lovers, Nick and Damian, have been hunting the Stonebrood Clan for more than a hundred years. Last night, they barely escaped with their lives.

Today, everyone’s lying low, licking wounds and gathering strength for tonight’s inevitable clash.

How was Tally’s father killed? Why can’t Carson remember? What happened last night?

Time is running out. The sun is setting.

Sunset. Gargoyles rise at sunset.

Will they survive Carson’s Night?

CARSON'S NIGHT, the first book in the Stonebrood Saga series by bestselling paranormal romance author Tracy Cooper-Posey. Stonebrood Saga is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance series featuring demon hunters, vampires, gargoyles, and scorching on-the-page heat. If you're bothered by explicit sex scenes and frank sexual language, this may not be the series for you. 

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