Claimed By a Dragon

Book Cover: Claimed By a Dragon
Part of the Dragon Mated series:

It's not every day a girl kills a dragon.
Well...he's not quite dead.
And when he shifts into a gorgeous man,
I kiss him.
A romance with a dragon can't last, can it?

PJ: After my friends fall in the cave, I'm determined to save them. With a rope clipped to my harness, I jump back in, only to wind up dangling mid-air in a huge cavern. Now, someone needs to rescue me. My rope releases, and I fall, smacking into a dragon. Since I've killed him, my university career is ruined. Until he shifts into a man, and we kiss. He's seeking a dragonstone heart, and I offer to help, which leads to more kissing. A relationship between a dragon shifter prince and a career-focused archaeologist will never last, right? But he is awesome at persuasion...Jarik: My quest for the dragonstone heart brings me PJ, a woman who steals my heart. I've marked her as my mate, but she's been burned in the past and fears I'll hurt her, too. While she's unsure I can give her what she needs, a dragon shifter mates for life. No way am I letting her go. I'll just have to use my wits--and my body--to convince her to stay.

Three fierce dragon shifter princes meet three feisty, curvy best friends who are fated to be mated to dragons. Book three of a three-book series. These books feature dragon-shifter men with intriguing body features, funny, curvy women, on-the-page action, plus a love story that concludes with a happily-ever-after.

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