Claimed By Shadows

Book Cover: Claimed By Shadows
Part of the Blood and Shadows series:
  • Claimed By Shadows

An ancient vampire alpha and the mortal woman who will bring him to his knees…


Just like humans, my family of the dark is vital to our survival. We hunt.

We’re hunted.

It’s only natural.

Until a dark force, even worse than vampires, begins eradicating my people.

When the beautiful Scarlett DeSoto is assigned to the case, I know I’ve met my mate.

There's just one problem...

She detests everything I am.



My whole life, I’ve hated the fanged.

And as a Lieutenant on the Paranormal Task Force, I get paid to turn them to ash.

Nice perk, right?

Until my latest case brings me face to face with Draven Mathias.

He’s arrogant, sharp-toothed, and offers his help—for the low cost of claiming me as his own…

The messed up part?

I’m struggling to say no.

Claimed by Shadows is the first book in the New Dark Paranormal Romance Series; Blood and Shadows from Author Sara Thorn.

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