Cocky S.O.B.


My dad has always loved competitions. It's no surprise that he's pitting my brother and I against each other for the sole CEO position. Problem is, my brother’s a cheat. In order to beat him, I’ll need help—and I’m thinking his delicious new secretary is perfect for the job. Too bad she thinks I’m a cocky, arrogant, SOB. She says she’ll never like me. Never respect me. Never want me. Too bad for her, I plan on making her eat her own words. After all, everyone knows, you should never say never.


I have one rule when it comes to dating: no coworkers. And that’s too bad, because my new boss is pretty much an adonis in a good suit. So far, I’m loving my new job. Well, loving most things, except when it comes to him. My bosses brother, Cameron. I don't care how devastatingly handsome he is, because his sexy outside is the perfect cover for an egotistical bad boy with a bad attitude. And I don’t want him. I really don’t. But the more Cameron shoves himself into my path, the more I’m learning that first impressions aren’t always what they seem.

HEA Guaranteed/No Cheating.

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