Crimson Night

Book Cover: Crimson Night
Part of the Blood and Shadows series:

In a world where vampires have escaped the shadows to live openly amongst humans, something new and unseen corrupts the night stalkers of New York. Both sides want answers.

Scarlett DeSoto, a hot-headed lieutenant on the Paranormal Task Force, watched a rogue vampire murder her mother in cold blood. Now she’s made it her life’s mission to put an end to their kind.

Draven Matthias, an ancient vampire prince, is tired of watching his kin live as only shells of what they were meant to be when he recalls a more glorious time in their existence.

They have every reason to hate each other but must find a way to work together to stop this mysterious new threat. There’s a fine line between love and hate, however, and soon passion explodes between them...

A passion that threatens everything.

And everyone.

CRIMSON NIGHT, the first dark enemies to lovers novel in the Blood & Shadows series by paranormal romance authors Linsey Moon and SK Prince. 

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