Crimson Reign

Book Cover: Crimson Reign
Part of the Blood and Shadows series:

He killed her mother years ago. Now he’ll stop at nothing to claim her too.

The problem is Scarlett is under the protection of the most powerful vampire prince the world has seen in centuries, and soon she will even bare his child. Being that vamp infants are exceedingly rare, everyone wants to get close to the mother-to-be.

But creatures of the night excel at confining their true motives to the shadows, and both Scarlett and Draven are surrounded. Will the biggest threat to this new family’s safety come from the one who’s stalked her all these years… or might it come from within?

CRIMSON REIGN, the exciting conclusion to Scarlett and Draven's dark enemies to lovers story in the Blood & Shadows trilogy by paranormal romance authors Linsey Moon & SK Prince.

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