Crimson Sun

Book Cover: Crimson Sun
Part of the Blood and Shadows series:

A newly developed serum promises to eradicate the bloodsucker scourge… but it's creating something far worse.

Freshly turned, Scarlett is at war with the two parts of herself. Her new vampire brethren refuse to accept her. Her former human allies are hunting her.

So when vampire prince Draven is abducted by an unseen enemy with plans to turn him into the ultimate weapon, Scarlett must mount a solo mission to rescue her fated mate. Despite mounting struggles to adapt to the new darkness within her, only she can save the night.

With so much at stake, can Scarlett convince sworn enemies to work together in order to save them all from a bloody end?

Or will she give in to her hunger first?

CRIMSON SUN, the second dark enemies to lovers novel in the Blood & Shadows series by paranormal romance authors Linsey Moon and SK Prince. 

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