Daddy Alien

Book Cover: Daddy Alien
Part of the Pleasure Tails series:
  • Daddy Alien

She’s stuck on an unknown planet with a HOT Hard Alien...who has a tail!

Careful what you pick up in small town antique markets…

That’s what Ellie learned when she and her friends tried on matching antique necklaces that turned out to be alien bonding collars instead!

Suddenly, Ellie and her friends are scattered across the galaxy.

The next thing she knows, she’s on a muggy desert planet in a steaming bath with an honest-to-god, naked, HARD, alien—who has a tail!

What’s worse? He seems to be unable to keep his hands off of her.

Even though she finds herself surprisingly aroused by him, Ellie knows she needs to get his body off her brain and focus on getting home.

But he seems to have other plans...

Because the next thing she knows, he grunts something, hauls her over his shoulder, and kidnaps her away to a secluded cave in the middle of nowhere!

DADDY ALIEN, the first novel in the Pleasure Tails series by scifi alien romance author Aurora Storm. Due to steamy, on-the-page heat, this series is intended for 18+ readers only.

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