Destiny’s Trinities: The Complete Series


Three trinities--bonded by sex and sealed by blood--are all that stand between humanity and the greatest threat to its future:  The Grimoré. Ancient prophecies foretell the coming of the Grimoré and how they may be defeated. A lonely and secret band of warrior women must bond with vampires, elves and supernaturals, to battle the Grimoré in a fight for the survival of mankind. But, the prophecies and the trinties themselves exact a heavy toll on everyone touched by the ancient forces and only love has the power to hold them together.

The complete series in one collection:

Beth’s Acceptance, Destiny's Trinities Book One
Can she accept the destiny being thrust at her?

Mia’s Return, Destiny's Trinities Book Two
Alex has a past he’d rather no one learns about…until Mia returns.

Sera’s Gift, Destiny's Trinities Book Three
Letting go is sometimes the only gift love has left to give.

Cora's Secret, Destiny's Trinities Book Four
Not all secrets are worth keeping…

Zoe's Blockade, Destiny's Trinities Book Five
The impossible just might be possible when trinities are forming….

Octavia's War, Destiny's Trinities Book Six
This is not Octavia’s war.

Terra's Victory, Destiny's Trinities Book Seven
If the one she loves stays with her, Earth itself will be in danger.

READER BE WARNED! This MMF vampire romance series features time travel, two super-hot vampire heroes, and on-the-page heat. If you're bothered by explicit sex scenes and frank sexual language (and not in the good way), this may not be the series for you. 

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