Filthy Empire

Book Cover: Filthy Empire
Part of the The Untouchables series:

The White House is filled with D . . . Dakota, David, Declan and Derek.

Daughter of the Vice President. Rising Politician. Picture perfect family.

Or so they think…

The President isn’t my mother’s biggest fan—and I’m not his either—but that hasn’t stopped his son’s, the infamous Hartley brother’s, from trying to seduce me.

When my fake relationship is suddenly exposed and the brother’s find out I’m available, they come at me from every direction, tying me up in lust, sweat, and plenty of emotional games.

But I’m not some innocent, delicate flower, who can be easily manipulated.

These boys love the chase more than I do, and as good as all these secret rendezvous and hot passionate nights have been, they can’t last forever.

Especially if our filthy secrets are revealed to the world.

But as the competition between the brother’s heats up, and they want me to choose, the more I want to keep all of them.

Our dirty little arrangement is the opposite of ‘family friendly’ and if anyone finds out—especially my mom—the costs will be catastrophic.

And if I don’t stop, this filthy little empire I’ve created may be the stone that brings the White House crashing down.

Filthy Empire is the first book in the dark reverse harem romance series, The Untouchables, from author Callie Vincent. This book contains dark themes and is intended for readers 18+. This is a slowburn romance that will build into a reverse harem over multiple books*

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