Georgia Spirits and Specters

Ghosts are everywhere in Georgia!

Learn about the Hampton Lillibridge House in Savannah, where four exorcisms have been attempted to get rid of an evil male spirit. Glimpse the ghostly girl who appears at Masquerade nightclub in Atlanta to warn of impending disaster. Visit the Sam Walker House in Milledgeville, where "The Meanest Man in Georgia" relives the horror of his son's death each night. Come along on a paranormal investigation at an abandoned mill in Whitesburg. Meet the phantom inmates in the basement jail of Dahlonega's Corkscrew Café, and step into a Civil War-era operating room at the Kennesaw House in Marietta.

These stories come from homeowners, paranormal investigators, tour guides, and even people who have ghosts for coworkers.

Are you brave enough to join them?

GEORGIA SPIRITS AND SPECTERS, a paranormal nonfiction novel by Beth Dolgner.

Publisher: Beth Dolgner

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