Gobbelino London & a Menace of Mermaids

"I was expecting a throne made from the skulls of your enemies."

"It can be arranged."

I'm not saying the entire magical population of North Yorkshire want us dead. Just the majority of them. Which is why we fled Leeds and have found ourselves working for a one-eyed pirate captain in Whitby.

But when one of our few remaining friends is taken by the sea, we can't just ignore it. We've got to get her back. Especially as her partner is a reaper with a scythe that can slice through reality, and the whole situation might be a teeny, tiny bit our fault ...

So, along with our pirate captain, a bloodthirsty parrot, and a deeply dodgy mermaid, we're going after Emma, and not even the storm of the century can stop us. The Black Dogs, the kraken cult, and the Sea Witch are certainly going to try, though.

Leeds is looking better by the moment ...

GOBBELINO LONDON, PI AND A MENACE OF MERMAIDS, the sixth novel in the Gobbelino London, PI series by urban fantasy author Kim M. Watt.  Centered around the adventures of a mercenary feline PI and his human sidekick, this series contains snarky cats and other gods, many bad jokes and terrible puns, plus a large serving of mythological and real creatures behaving badly. It will appeal to anyone who likes their fantasy funny, modern, and filled with friendship rather than romance - and also to those who suspect their cat may be living a great and secret life when they're not looking. This book contains some violence, particularly toward furniture, but none of it is graphic. It contains no sex and only mild language. It does, however, contain blasphemy.

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