Heart of Oz

Book Cover: Heart of Oz
Part of the Oz: Origins of Darkness series:
  • Heart of Oz

Everyone knows the land of Oz- A bright happy place filled with color, munchkins, quadlings and other beings under the security of the Emerald City and the Wizard. But suppose there is no Emerald City and no Wizard to safeguard Oz. Suppose we went back to the very beginning, when the first guardian of Oz, Elvira, a kind-hearted fae is exposed to what darkness really is when Elvira's best friend Genevieve is lured by the dark.

Just disappearing off into the night leaving Genevieve’s mother Ceris along with her two brothers, Aldante and Altair going spare as she moves into the most dangerous terrain, Starlet Boding. Known for shaping everyday folk into witches, warlocks as well as a prime breeding ground for demons. Genevieve is on shaky ground but not a soul back in her home village Golly Vale dares to find her.

Soon Genevieve meets Torigo, a snake who knows the dark world better than most. Having tutored many students in their shameful path. Torigo sees Genevieve's potential and can't wait to see her grow into a fine sorceress. Only Genevieve discovers Elvira has betrayed her and is furious. She makes her presence known in Golly Vale, only to find herself forbidden from the land. Feeling hurt, lost and alone she leaves.

Then tragedy strikes in Genevieve's heart. She's seeing red. Nobody in Oz is safe. And with chaos about to descend onto the peaceful land, will Genevieve destroy everyone she loves and herself?

USA Today bestselling author Isra Sravenheart has retold the classic story of Oz in a brand new light. Reimagining it as never seen before as we go back to the very roots of Oz's origins when darkness threatened to destroy this once peaceful land.

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