Hearts of Stone: The Complete Stonebrood Saga

STONEBROOD SAGA, an urban fantasy and paranormal romance series featuring demon hunters, vampires, gargoyles, and scorching on-the-page heat.

Hearts of Stone is the entire Stonebrood Saga in one special volume:

Carson's Night, Stonebrood Saga Book One
Sunset. Gargoyles rise at sunset.

Beauty's Beasts, Stonebrood Saga Book Two
Family history can be fatal.

Harvest of Holidays, a Stonebrood Saga Short Story
Carson Connors's final story.

Unbearable, a Stonebrood Saga Short Story
Tally Grey Connors's final story.

Sabrina's Clan, Stonebrood Saga Book Three
Alone and lonely...can they find each other?

Pay the Ferryman, a Stonebrood Saga Short Story
The story of how Nick and Damien met.

READER BE WARNED! If you're bothered by explicit sex scenes and frank sexual language, this may not be the series for you.

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