Her Dark Heart

“Do you know what lurks inside a witch's heart? I do.”

“I'm Astrid, raven turned man companion of formidable witch, Lady Isra. I will do anything to protect her. I've cloaked our home so not a soul can find it.”

“Then there's the girl, Contessia. She's no match for Isra. She's good and believes in all that “love and light” stuff. It's child's play to me. Isra fancies having herself a protege to lead astray, I'm okay with that.”

“But what I was not prepared for... The light has found it's way into her soul again.“

“Staring into the eyes of Isra's long-lost foe, Everilda, I discover the real reason why she originally turned her back on it all.”

Now war is waging between Lady Isra of the Dark and Everilda, the mortal witch who has lost her powers. She sets her sights on Isra's magic. Wanting it all for herself. Will Everilda succeed?

Once again we enter the fortress of Lady Isra and her raven companion, Astrid. USA Today bestselling author, Isra Sravenheart casts a spell in which even the darkest of souls can find the light again.

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