Her Dark Rose

When a witch is under a spell, just what is she to do?

“So she thinks she can just kill my brother Kane and get away with it, huh? I'll show her! It's okay she'll never see me coming! I'll come at her with everything I have!”

Ronald O'Kutte, the brother of Kane O'Kutte sees Lady Isra responsible for Kane's disappearance two years ago and yearning for revenge Ronald has set his sights on destroying Isra in the most despicable way. First Ronald befriends Isra, taking her in, gaining her trust and then he puts his plan into motion by striking Isra right at the heart of her.

Her longtime companion Astrid has not been the man he's been pretending to be. He's risking everything by hiding a deadly secret from Isra. One that threatens to yank their union at the seams but tragedy strikes before he can come clean.

“I don't know if she will ever forgive me. I cannot lose her but now I may do as she has disappeared from the land.”

Astrid is troubled when Isra suddenly disappears from his sight after they quarrel, only now he knows why when he figures out that Ronald is behind it. Astrid tracks down Ronald laying a tempting trap for the mortal by promising him revenge against Isra but Astrid is only interested in one thing. “Where the hell is Isra, boy?!”

Astrid realizes that his past and present are entwined when a friend from his past informs Astrid that Isra is connected to a prophecy foreseen thirteen years ago. The only trouble is, Isra must now answer to her dark deeds as she finds herself under a spell. Who knows how her tale might end?

USA Today bestselling author Isra Sravenheart tells a tale where everything you thought you knew about Lady Isra and her companion Astrid, you don't. With an old foe coming at them and some old friends, this third installment of the Dark Spell series shows us just who Astrid and Isra truly are. Can they survive this intact?

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