Her Darkness Reborn

Isra has just awakened from Ronald O'Kuttes evil spell but now she knows all about Astrid's betrayal. Needless to say, things are strained between them but Isra knows his loyalties are to her. James comes to visit Astrid which puts him on shaky ground with Isra. To further Isra's suspicions, the light-bringer Samuel Reynaldi also shows up in Shambre Fell. Samuel tells Astrid there is a prophecy whereby Isra will darken her heart once more by going to the brink of obscurity.

Astrid is oblivious when Isra miraculously vanishes from his sight that Samuel has made her a most intriguing offer but only if she agrees to comply with his demands. "You'll have your memories back, I can promise you that but before all else, you must declare your assurance to me that this conversation does not get relayed back to Astrid.”

Astrid braces to scour the land for Isra however when maid Ava is caught foraging through Isra's herbs and potions, Astrid demands an explanation from her. He is then dumbfounded when Ava reveals how intrinsically involved Samuel has been with Isra and their union since the very beginning.

Astrid finally catches up with Isra but she's rather abrupt with him. Astrid now has to persuade Isra to trust him as he has a plan that will not only nip Samuel's dirty scheme in the bud but will change the face of things forever. “I know you've been the main fixture in Samuel's plan but I have a means of blighting his little avaricious mirage in the bud. Not only that but it may well send him packing to the murkiest plains of extinction. Nonetheless, I do need you to cooperate with me.”

Astrid soon delivers on his well-thought-out stratagem. He and Isra turn up unannounced in Spirisity much to Samuel's disgust. “May I kindly remind you that Spirisity is a sanctuary for those who choose to dwell in the light.”

Tensions soar as Astrid, Isra, Samuel and James come collectively in a blazing showdown headed up by Isra and Astrid. Spirisity is soon under attack. Black lightning dominates the skies. A formidable downpour permeates the land not to mention Isra's power is impervious when she discharges a dragon into the realm of Spirisity leaving both Samuel and James desperate to flee.

USA Today bestselling author Isra Sravenheart delivers us to unfamiliar territory by which even someone embroiled in the light is swayed by the dark. Thereby forcing all of the players to question who they really are. Because now the former hero has succumbed to being the villain.

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