Hunted By a Dragon

Book Cover: Hunted By a Dragon
Part of the Dragon Mated series:

I'd be dead if he hadn't saved me.
But he's a dragon.
A muscular, fire-breathing beast.
Though his kisses...
set me aflame.

Tanya: Falling through the cave, I shoot out into a cavern and butt-skid on a sandy beach. In no time, I'm captured by a pack of snarling, three-eyed bugs. They tie me up and dangle me on a spit over a roaring fire, and it's clear they're planning a feast. And I'm the main course. A dragon swoops in and incinerates the bugs. Nothing like a hero, huh? There are a few strange things about my dream-man, but I'm falling for him fast. If only our whirlwind romance could last for more than one night...

Kemir: After rescuing Tanya, I take her to a cave and proceed to mark her as my mate. With so few women in my world, I need to act fast. But when I'm captured by giant birds, Tanya must rescue me. She sweet and sexy and thinks she's totally in control, but she'll soon learn who's boss. While a dragon only mates once, he's the prince of his underworld castle.

Three fierce dragon shifter princes meet three feisty, curvy best friends who are fated to be mated with dragons. Book two in a three-book series. These books feature dragon-shifter men with intriguing body features, funny, curvy women, on-the-page action, plus a love story that concludes with a happily-ever-after.

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