Imperial Hammer: The Complete Series

The full, best-selling Imperial Hammer series in one set.

Binge read the acclaimed space opera series featuring ex-Imperial Ranger Danny Andela and her friends and family, as they face a unique and deadly threat to the Empire, one that will tax their strength, drain their hearts and force them toward a bleak future…

Hammer and Crucible, Imperial Hammer Book One
The interstellar array which links worlds together wakes to find it has enemies…

An Average Night on Androkles, An Imperial Hammer Short Story
All Danny wants is an average night…

Star Forge, Imperial Hammer Book Two
Danny is trapped in a fragile relationship with the self-aware interstellar array which calls itself Noam.

Long Live the Emperor, Imperial Hammer Book Three
The Imperial Hammer versus the self-aware interstellar array.

Severed, Imperial Hammer Book Four
Now Danny is the most wanted criminal in the Empire…

Destroyer of Worlds, Imperial Hammer Book Five
The Empire is crumbling and humanity is on its knees.

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