Interspace Origins: Complete Series Boxed Set

Book Cover: Interspace Origins: Complete Series Boxed Set
Part of the Interspace Origins series:

INTERSPACE ORIGINS, a complete scifi romance series by award winning author Tracy Cooper-Posey.

Follow the adventures of Catherine Shahrazad, possibly the oldest human in the known galaxy, and her gifted pilot, Bedivere X, as they return to Federation Space from the vast and unknown fringes. Cat’s history and her presence have caused riots in the past. What will happen this time? Why is Cat back?

This collection includes the complete series:

Faring Soul, Interspace Origins Book One
His feelings for Cat might just save everyone.

Varkan Rise, Interspace Origins Book Two
Has Bedivere become what humans fear most?

Cat and Company, Interspace Origins Book One
Can Bedivere win Cat back?

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