Kiss Across Seas


To protect everyone she loves from the threats of their greatest enemy, Sydney flings herself back in time to eleventh century Egypt, where she meets a very human Alexander.  Her arrival causes the death of the knight who would have drawn Alex to Jerusalem, and destroys a chain of events which ends with Sydney, Rafe and Alex meeting in the twenty-first century.

Alexander is not the reasonable, dedicated healer she knows. His family actively work to stymy Sydney’s plans.  Even though she is a prisoner and a mere woman, Sydney must find a way to restore history despite their resistance.

Discover Alexander’s dark past in this riveting exploration of time…and love.

KISS ACROSS SEAS, the sixth novel in the Kiss Across Time series by bestselling paranormal romance author Tracy Cooper-Posey.

READER BE WARNED! This series features time travel, two super-hot vampire heroes, and on-the-page heat. If you're bothered by explicit sex scenes and frank sexual language (and not in the good way), this may not be the series for you. 

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