Kiss Across Time Vol. II: Books 4-6 + Time and Tyra Again Collection

KISS ACROSS TIME, a time travel paranormal romance series by bestselling author Tracy Cooper-Posey featuring two super-hot vampire heroes and scorching on-the-page heat. New friends and relationships expand time travel for Brody, Veris and Taylor.  Meet Alexander, Rafe and Sydney and share their adventures across the timescape—while old enemies and time itself threatens the friends at every turn.

This collection includes the next four titles in the series:

Kiss Across Deserts, Kiss Across Time Book Four
Time travel is not for the weak of heart.

Kiss Across Kingdoms, Kiss Across Time Book Five
They must go back in time because history says they already have.

Time And Tyra Again, A Kiss Across Time Collection
One hundred years ago, a meeting was arranged that would alter the course of history.

Kiss Across Seas, Kiss Across Time Book Six
History doesn’t always repeat.  Sometimes, it destroys.

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