An alien dragon warrior claims she’s his fated mate, but she plans to return to Earth. Will he convince her to stay?


A hot alien dragonish dude seems to think I’m his mate. No way! Sure, I came to the Driegon Kingdom with the matched brides, but I was hired to take pictures. I didn’t expect to get lured into a secret matebonding ceremony called the Torrent. When my skin ignites like a sparkler during the reception—seriously need to see a doctor about that—Kruze takes flight with me as his intended bride. He says he’ll release me if he can’t prove we’re fated, but… If only his touch didn’t set my veins on fire.


As a member of the king’s elite guard, I’m used to others obeying my commands, until I meet Clara. When her skin responds to the Torrent, and my horns flare, it’s clear she’s my fated mate. Following tradition laid out eons ago, I take her deep within the subterranean passages of Driegon, where I’ll initiate our pairing. Clara insists she’ll return to her home planet, but she agrees to give me three days to change her mind. With my heart at risk, there’s nothing I won’t do to show her she’s mine.

Kruze is a prequel novella in the Brides of Driegon series by bestselling author Ava Ross.

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