Book Cover: Liar
Part of the Sold to the Don series:

Forgiving him will break you…

I thought Mateo Emiliano was only a monster.

But he’s worse—so much worse.

Because he’s also a liar.

And I should hate him.

Hate him for everything he’s done to me, but most of all, for making me want him.

Any rational woman would be desperate to get away, especially after this latest revelation, but I can’t seem to fight this storm of hate and desire that keeps pulling me back.

He says I make him weak.

That I lower his bloodlust.

Grow his mercy.

But instead of letting me go and freeing us both from this brutal passion… he tightens his hold.

When both of our worlds begin falling apart, and the choice falls in my lap, will I choose to save my dark captor—or end him?

Liar is the second book in the dark mafia romance trilogy, Sold to The Don, from author Callie Vincent. This book contains dark themes and is intended for readers 18+.

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