Lies & Legacies

Living up to the legacy of my impressive parents—Orin and Simone—is beyond intimidating. Still, I’m determined to forge my own way in our world. Too bad my fiery, impulsive nature has me repeating the same mistakes… Like falling for a very moody Fae and a tempting human who’s exceedingly curious about my magic.

Having my very own adventure would be exciting if it weren’t for the magical assassins trailing my every step. Could that have something to do with my uncertain destiny?

Because there are some who claim I’m supposed to return magic to the human world—and others who say I need to protect it from them…

Lies & Legacies is the first book in the New Enchanted at Forty Spinoff Series: Enchanted at | Forty The Next Chapter featuring: Your favorite returning characters, two handsome men, grisly, animated tarot cards, and a magical wonderland full of nefarious adventures!

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